About Us

We at Saynak Hydraulics are serving the mechanical industry for more than three decades and today we are competent to diversify our production range which comprises Hydraulic Presses and Cylinders, Industrial Power Packs and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Lifting Equipment.

We have also developed and supplied Hydraulic and Pneumatic Special Purpose Machines, tailor made to customers requirement such as Exothermic Sleeve Forming, Broaching, Punching, Trimming, Shearing, Pipe bending, Hydraulic Power Pack, Clinching, Runner/Gate cutting Machine, Coining, Cold Forging, Bus bar Bender, Rubber Moulding, Plastic Moulding, Swaging machine and Powder compacting Press.

To sustain the high quality, we emphasize on conducting researches. Here, Mr. Surendra Saynak (Proprietor) plays a very crucial role. An Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in Hydraulic Presses and Cylinders, Industrial Power Packs and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Lifting Equipment. We are able to find the exact new development, which could improve product’s quality and hence, enhance the credibility of company.

Our Expertise

Hydraulic Presses

We manufacture Hydraulic Presses of various types such as 'C' Type, Closed frame type, Pillar / Tie rod type. Our range of manufacture is up to 1000 Ton capacity. We manufacture as per customers requirement. We manufacture presses for various applications, such as Punch Press, Bush fitting Press, Deep drawing Press, Shear press, Press Brake, Wheel Fitting Press, Broaching Press, Plastic moulding Machine, Rubber moulding machine, clinching machine, swaging machine, Pipe bending machine, Forming Machine, Coining Press, Cold & hot Forging Press, Deep Drawing Press, Exothermic Sleeve Forming Machine and any SPM'S as per customers requirement.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Bore ranges from 25 mm to 600 mm. Pressure Range 40 to 400 bar.Stroke up to 5 meter.Single acting, Double acting,Telescopic Construction-Welded, Tie-rod type , Bolted Mountings- Front Flange, Rare Flange, Face, Foot, Trunion, Eye type etc. Working Pressure up to 400 bar.Special Cylinders such as Double Ended, Telescopic, Kicker Ram Type etc.

Hydraulic Power Pack

We offer a wide range of Hydraulic Power Pack Units. We undertake complete design of hydraulic systems and provide Hydraulic Power Pack Units that is designed considering reliability, flexibility of customer demand. We provide combinations of various sizes of motors, tanks, pumps, etc. While manufacturing Hydraulic Power Pack Units we use standard make accessories of Vickers, Yuken, Rexroth, Polyhedron, etc. Our Hydraulic Power Pack Units can be used in Special Purpose Machines, Presses, Material Handling Systems, Fan Drives, Dredgers and Hydrostatic Drives etc. We also provide Power Units with open and close loop proportional control for various applications.

The manufacturing facility is well equipped with Tool room and fabrication facility for the in-house production. Tool room includes the Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Surface grinding Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Arc Welding Machine. Also we have facilitate with the Quality checking tools like Vernier caliper, Micrometer, surface plate, Slip gauge box etc. .